A shared video experience
unlike any other

ustyme is a free video call app, available for iPad and PC / laptop via Chrome, that gives families and friends the opportunity to meaningfully engage with each other and build deeper connections.

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Keep in contact with family and friends through books and games

Stay connected to family & friends

ustyme creates the opportunity to truly engage and build connections that just aren’t possible through simple phone calls.

Engaging reading and play material for all age groups

Enjoyable content for all ages

A fantastic mix of children's books and classic games to purchase and share.

Easy to read books and play games with others

Intuitive design and great features

Designed for simplicity and enjoyment - the swiping, visual approach should be familiar to all users right away.

ustyme allows families to connect and grow through quality time spent together

Turning screen time into "us time"

ustyme helps fill the gaps in time that come from not seeing one another in person and builds self-esteem. Research shows that quality time with loved ones, especially parents and grandparents, improves self-esteem, as does a sense of ownership. ustyme provides a platform for both, with the ability to build collections of books and games and share them with family and friends.

see ustyme in action

The ustyme store is continually updated with engaging content to share and enjoy

Browse, collect and purchase great content from the ustyme Store

ustyme provides content that naturally creates conversation and encourages engagement. By reading books and playing games together, users can create memories while discussing their favorite characters or learning the rules of a game. Each month, more and more content will be added to the ustyme store for users to share and enjoy.

Ustyme is available on iOS, and Chrome Browser today!

Download ustyme FREE today!

1. Download ustyme in the Apple App Store

2. Create a new account - new accounts are automatically stocked with some books and games.

3. Once registered, add contacts and begin sharing with friends and family

The ustyme library is filled with both classics and new favorites.
The ustyme home screen provides easy access to content and friends.
Play classic games like checkers and chess with loved ones.
The ustyme catalog is constantly updated, so there is always something new to check out.
Follow a story and turn pages together with real time video chat.
See how you can reconnect and have fun with loved ones through ustyme.

See the ustyme app in action

Check out these screens and videos to experience even more of ustyme.

ustyme was built on family values with families in mind

The ustyme Team

ustyme was founded by a team of family-first entrepreneurs in 2012 who all intensely believed in the notion that deeper connections can be achieved through shared experiences of quality content. Members of the ustyme team recalled their own fond memories of time spent playing Gin Rummy on vacation with mom, playing Chess with dad after school or reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears with grandma at bed time. These collaborative memories fueled the passion to develop an easy-to-use platform that offers quality time spent with loved ones.